Cinderella DIY

Order your bulk flowers through Joie de Vivre and design it yourself.

  • Give us a quantity, color and timeline, and we’ll provide pricing info.

Why order from JDV as opposed to an online vendor?

When JDV procures your flowers, we scrutinize them for quality and accuracy.  If you order you wedding flowers from an online retailer and receive them the day before your wedding, what happens if you receive the incorrect product or worse, an inferior quality product?  Although the retailer will probably give you a credit, it will not be possible to get replacement flowers in the time needed.  This is when you scramble. This stress is what we as designers face and we must quickly devise a plan b.  Given that we have the local floral resources, chances are that we can locate a reasonable substitute.  The average consumer doesn’t have access to those resources, making it a nightmare to find flowers.  That is not the kind of stress any bride or mother of the bride should face the day prior to her wedding.

Need a little more help?  Order your flowers through Joie de Vivre and schedule your Wedding Flower 101.

  • We will introduce you and a friend to the basics in flower care and handling and share some tips regarding          the creation of your bouquet and boutonniere.  Flowers will be provided for demonstration and practice.